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Who Is it For?

The CuragoHealth Patient Experience platform has been designed specifically for the healthcare industry and provides a simple to implement and maintain solution to deliver the engagement experience patients will appreciate. The platform is able to scale from small practices all the way up to hospitals and is ideal for a wide range of providers including:




Clinics & Hospitals


Community Health Centers


Behavior Health Centers

The CuragoHealth Platform

The CuragoHealth Platform is a collection of modules designed to provide a higher level of automation while reducing costs, improving staff efficiency and increasing revenues. The platform includes three foundational modules:

MyCurago App

The MyCurago App leverages the patient’s own smart phone or tablet, which they already carry with them. As soon as the patient arrives within a user-defined proximity to your reception area or waiting room, a push notification is sent to their device. The patient enters into the MyCurago App and can easily view and update their demographic information.

Based on a user-defined workflow, the patient will then be presented with additional information to confirm and update. This can include e-signature forms, medical histories and an unlimited number of custom questionnaires. Within 3 to 5 seconds of the patient submitting their information, the provider’s PM/EHR is securely updated.

The MyCuragoApp delivers the security and control patients will appreciate including:

  • Patients maintain their own medical profile
  • Automated push notifications ensure the registration process is completed once they arrive for their visit
  • Patients have complete control over what the provider gets to see


CuragoKiosk provides for a paperless registration workflow. From the time they schedule an appointment, your patient’s engagement experience begins. Appointment reminders, along with a link to pre-register, are automatically texted or emailed to the patient based on their preferences. The multilingual Patient Registration portal allows patients to view and update most of their registration information before they arrive for their visit.

Once a patient arrives for an appointment, they can use a variety of input devices to complete their registration. Using customized workflows, the provider decides what is presented to the patient based on why he or she is being seen, the provider, the patient’s age and even their gender. The Dynamic Page Builder enables the creation of an unlimited number of custom questionnaires and screenings (e.g. COVID-19 Screening, PH9 Depression Screening) that will address any data input not included in the standard application. All information is used to automatically update the provider’s PM/EHR system.

CuragoKiosk is available in several configurations including a hand-held, a counter stand and a floor stand to deliver options for patients who may prefer to use a device in the provider’s office.

CuragoKiosk enables providers to manage the engagement process including:

  • Creating a Multilingual Patient Registration portal
  • Setting appointment reminders via text and/or email
  • Configuring custom workflows
  • Use out of the box or customized forms and questionnaires


Many providers deal with a tremendous amount of required paperwork during a patient’s clinical visit. Many times, the forms or data input needed is not clearly defined until the medical team has completed the initial screening of the patient. Once the patient’s condition has been assessed, staff members spend valuable exam time processing the additional information — time better spent seeing and treating the patient.

ipad views

CuragoDocs can be used by providers and their staff to provide an alternative view of their EHR appointment schedule and key patient demographic and clinical information. It is easy to setup workflows where forms, clinical content, and medical history can be queued up for completion either by the patient or a staff member. This allows another level of data input during and after the registration process. The changes are then automatically updated to the provider’s PM/EHR system. With CuragoDocs your medical team can now focus on patient care and not forms processing.

In addition, CuragoDocs provides an easy-to-use and intuitive platform to view patient appointment schedules and patient chart information. CuragoDocs provides access to key demographic and clinical information without having to log into the EHR.

CuragoDocs delivers a solution for providers to manage their forms and patient information including:

  • An intuitive interface designed to work on a smartphone or tablet
  • A consolidated view of appointments and patient information including demographics and charts
  • A patient mode to allow the patient to enter information on their own before handing the device back to the staff member
  • Real-time integration with PM/EHR systems